A dirty vehicle, especially one with hardened dirt, tree sap, bird droppings, and even dead insects, can ruin your car’s paint. Around 10 Lakh people lose life every year in road accidents around the world. In recent years, science has allowed many new advances in the way metal is protected from the elements. The IIT report proved that there is a corrosion problem affecting the durability and the eventual safety of cars in India.Rust can lead to brittleness and weaken metal over time. The finest mobility option is continually being improvised with modern features, styling with impressive performance and so far Straight Ejector pin has reached a stage where almost 8.

The study also identified the need for more corrosion management professionals. The survey was conducted in several coastal and other humid regions of Mumbai. And if this Steel is not galvanized – to prevent vehicles from corrosion and rust – this certainly would impact the safety of vehicles, safety of passengers, bring down the value of vehicles and increase life risk. 10 Lakhs. In addition, the ease of application is something that’s very appealing to steel suppliers.So if your car hasn’t succumbed to rust yet, there’s a good chance that galvanized steel is to be thanked for its long life. But the same Indian car maker sells vehicles with not more than 30% galvanized steel to Indian customers, because they are not aware of it and neither any norms are set in India. Additional is the sea water proximity - the presence of salt acts as a catalyst, accelerating the corrosion chemical reaction process. rust proof or corrosion resistant. Though having side door beams and front crumple zones reduces the energy impact, but without a strong body structure – all is in vain.Despite being a state of art engineering with finest mobility revolutions, the automobile industry also has a flipside due to people losing lives in road accidents. Department of Defense.Looking beyond corrosion’s cost to businesses and industries worldwide, IMPACT assessed corrosion management practices across various industries and regions. Rather, when the same model is exported, almost 70% of the steel used is galvanized.5 trillion, equivalent to roughly 3. Will you solely use your car for rugged purposes, like delivering goods in provinces?

 Or will you regularly drive it for outdoor trips? If you do, then you risk exposing your vehicle to hurling rocks, water, and uneven bumps on the road.A small patch of rust or corrosion you see on your car isn’t just unpleasant to look at.Galvanizing stainless steel is popular because it has a low initial cost and it requires little maintenance throughout its lifetime.Galvanizing has evolved over the years.Car is one among the finest Art of Engineering that has been introduced by Karl Benz by end of 19th Century. Europe, Japan and South Korea soon followed the North American decision to use galvanized sheet steel for the entire car body.Galvanized steel is protected because there is a protective Zinc coating on it.Although protecting body panels and vehicle frames against rust is important, the best rust inhibiting products also protect electrical areas such as battery terminals, wiring harnesses, switches and plugs from moisture.